WalletConnect to Iron Fish Node App

First we need password protection on Node App, this proposal based on this assumption.


Support wallet connect from website(like dapp on eth) to Iron Fish Node App via local network rpc call.

How this works

  • walletConnect rpc call to get a random generated auth token, which expired in 30 mins. This rpc call needs to be approved by typing password
  • read based rpc call like getBalances with auth token can be handled on Node App silently
  • write based rpc call like sendTransaction with auth token needs to be approved (password) on Node App side
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I support this. Not having a password on the node to is send funds is straight up irresponsible.

Wouldn’t it be better to have an extension based wallet that contains your encrypted and passworded keys? Similar to meta mask? Then when you need to gossip transactions it’ll send it to a cloud based node or a node on your computer. I think most solutions don’t rely on a wallet inside of your actual node.

As for password support, we do have an internal spec for this already the feature just hasn’t been picked up by any team yet. We can work on publishing the spec if someone wants to pick it up and continue iterating on the spec.


Sure that extension based wallet is better. But we don’t have a wasm based sdk( at least to create wallet and create transaction part), which makes it hard to setup an extension wallet.

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We did used to have a WASM SDK, but we deleted it in favor of nodeJS target for performance reasons. It can be brought back in the future when someone is willing to put time into supportin git.

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Resident non-IF wallet dev here! I think the most important thing is to come up with a solid spec for integrating Iron Fish into a dApp, otherwise we land on a de facto spec like window.ethereum did with MetaMask.

If there’s a good spec, extension wallets, mobile, and desktop can all implement :handshake:

Can confirm we’d be interested in supporting Iron Fish on Taho, especially once there are live bridging options.