[Proposal] Ironifsh Node Providers Marketplace

Recognizing the various concerns and suggestions brought forward by numerous members, I have identified a clear demand for an improved and simplified method of node setup. It has come to my attention that many members are seeking an alternative solution to set up their own server nodes due to a combination of high costs and a lack of technical knowledge.

FoxWallet is looks like 3rd party service, require KYC and suite not to all.

Moreover, the requirement of maintaining an open node wallet is not suitable for everyone, primarily due to the demanding system requirements such as powerful computer hardware, 2 core processing, and significant memory and disk space. This poses a significant barrier to many members who do not possess the necessary resources.

In response to these concerns, I propose the implementation of a feature that allows the connection of a remote node to the NodeApp. This will greatly alleviate the need for individual server setup and resource-intensive maintenance.

Furthermore, the establishment of a marketplace within Ironfish ecosystem could be a transformative addition. Here, verified node providers could offer their services to users in need of a node for their wallet. This proposition not only solves the issue at hand but also encourages the growth of a thriving internal economy. By structuring all payments within this marketplace in $IRON, we can stimulate usage and demand for our platform’s currency.

This two-pronged approach, combining both the ability to connect a remote node to NodeApp and a marketplace for node services, can significantly enhance Ironfish platform’s usability and attractiveness.

I eagerly anticipate your thoughts and feedback on this proposal.